An Affordable High Quality 3 Roller Grain Mill

A Great Crush Equals Great Beer

In order to the best homebrewed beer possible you need the freshest ingredients and it starts with your grain. Crushed malt is prone to rapid staling which can lead to a reduced quality in your finished beer. The Grain Mill allows you to take control of when and how you crush your grains. Milling your malt just before mash-in can take your beer to the next level. Dail-in your brewhouse efficiency by control how fine or course you want to crush your grain. The 3 roller Grain Mill gives you professional results each time.

3 roller grain mill

No Limits To Your Creativity

Gain more control of your beer. Get better homebrew results. Save money by crush grains yourself.

Sturdy Design and Construction

3 roller grain mill main body

The Grain Mill with its 3 roller design is made from high quality steel and is made to do it job reliably time after time. Use the provided hand crank or attache a drill to the drive shaft and you are ready to crush.

Make Precise Adjustments

The Grain Mill is fully adjustable so you can set the gap you prefer and that works best with you brewhouse setup.

Control The Crush

Get a great and consistent crush every time. Crush and Mash-in. No more stale grains.

Make Great Beer

beer grain hops

Give your beer professional results and let your creativity shine through in every pint.

The Grain Mill! You’ll wonder how you ever made beer without it.

It’s your beer. Take control over every aspect in making it. Save time and money.

3 roller grain mill and hopper

The Most Affordable 3 Roller Mill. Say hello to The Grain Mill.

A better crush makes for better beer.

The Grain Mill is essential for homebrew who want to take their beer recipes to the next level. The 3 roller mill design give you professional results and a consistent crush the first time, every time. Crushing your grains right before you brew eliminates the possibility of staling and ensure your beer is as fresh as can be. The Grain Mill also saves you money by allowing you to buy whole uncrushed malt. You can control every step of your brewing process.

An Amazing 3 Roller Grain Mill At An Amazing Price!

Take advantage of a 3 roller malt mill to leave the husks less damages which aids the sparge. You will also get better sparge separation, higher grain feed and increased output.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

The Grain Mill with its 3 roller design gives you repeatable results and better crush allowing you to make better beer. All at a very affordable price compared to other grain mills.

3 roller grain mill with hopper

The Grain Mill is available, get it now online!

Take your homebrew beer to the next level today!